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Gryphon Dynamics range are ready to fly drone packages designed and optioned with all the parts you need, be it  for film and photography or industrial use. With a wide selection of lift capabilities there will be a aircraft that will suit your needs. The Gryphon range has UAS from a few kilos all the way up to the unprecedented 250+kg GRYPHON HDC-3600 Cargo.


Each of the models have been throughly tested throughout the world on the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, television commercials and dramas to ensure seamless operation in a variety of conditions day in, day out. These systems have also been used the in offshore oil rig survey and inspection where they have to handle extreme weather conditions.


All our drones come with user selectable options to allow for diffrent gimbals and accessories to be attached easily and without fuss. 


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Gryphon GD-23-OT Ready to Fly...
Sales price: £12,750.00
Gryphon GD-8X
Sales price: £6,999.00
Gryphon GD-12X
Sales price: £7,999.00
Gryphon GD-18X
Sales price: £13,999.00
Gryphon GD-25X
Sales price: £14,999.00
Gryphon GD-28X Heavy Lift
Sales price: £17,499.00
Gryphon GD-40X Heavy Lift
Sales price: £21,999.00
Gryphon GD-70X Ultra Heavy...
Sales price: £23,999.00
Gryphon GD-100X Ultra Heavy...
Sales price: £27,500.00
Gryphon GD-120X Ready To Fly
Sales price: £27,500.00
Gryphon GD-150X Ultra Heavy...
Sales price: £29,999.00
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