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RTF - Ready To Fly Systems

If you are looking for a ready to fly drone, one of our RTF systems are a great place to start. There is no guessing at which parts are needed, researching endless pages of specifications and online manuals when you can be out enjoying and flying your own drone.


These ready to fly (RTF) drones have been personally been selected, flown and tested by us, this means that you know that no matter what UAV you decide on, it will be of high quality and ready for use out of the box.


We offer in-depth advice and knowledge on all the drones we supply, and are happy to answer any questions you might have. We will have you in the air as quickly as possible, the choice of industrial, commercial, film and professional drones can be overwhelming to begin with, however, we can guide you through the  various drones below, when you know which drone fits your specific needs best.  


Below Is a series of Ready To Fly systems that are ready to go right out of the box


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Gryphon GD-23-OT Ready to Fly...
Sales price: £12,750.00
Gryphon GD-8X
Sales price: £6,999.00
Gryphon GD-12X
Sales price: £7,999.00
Gryphon GD-18X
Sales price: £13,999.00
Gryphon GD-25X
Sales price: £14,999.00
Gryphon GD-28X Heavy Lift
Sales price: £17,499.00
Gryphon GD-40X Heavy Lift
Sales price: £21,999.00
Gryphon GD-70X Ultra Heavy...
Sales price: £23,999.00
Gryphon GD-120X Ready To Fly
Sales price: £27,500.00
Gryphon GD-100X Ultra Heavy...
Sales price: £27,500.00
Gryphon GD-150X Ultra Heavy...
Sales price: £29,999.00
New V2 Folding Arm...
Sales price: £16,999.00
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