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Gryphon Dynamics Ultra Frames


In this new and rapidly expanding drone market the amount of new options coming everyday can simply be overwhelming and can make picking the right platform a daunting experience.


The Ultra frames take the standard Gryphons Super frames and enhance them for more demanding environments. The boom connectors use the 4 pin connector to give that extra confidence that you heavy payload is secure even in tight fast banking where there is high dynamic loads. In addition, the carbon fibre is a new thicker weave and combined gives triple the loading of a standard boom. We know as we have tested this to prove it.


The ultra range takes payloads typically from 20+kg all the way up to the gigantic 250kg GRYPHON HD3600 Cargo. Each of the models have been thoroughly tested throughout the world from the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to the harshest of environment such as offshore oil rig inspection ensuring seamless operation in a variety of conditions day in, day out. All the Ultra Frame UAV's come with user selectable options such as propulsion, failsafes to vibration plates to allow for different gimbals to be attached easily and without fuss.


These aircraft are serious machines and safety is a priority. This comes with a combination from a well trained crew and having the right equipment that is built to withstand the relentless conditions of aeronautical operations. Gryphon Dynamics aircraft have been battle tested in the most demanding conditions. From a top snow packed mountains, across the dust and heat of the dessert, to high winds and salty surf of the ocean.


The modular design allows for the airframe to be broken down for easy shipments and transportation. The removable arms also allow for multiple sets of motor and arm configurations which helps the user future proof their flight platform.


Gryphon Dynamics combine state of the art manufacturing and design technology to deliver incredible performance. These aircraft are built to be used, which means flown with a wide range of current and future payloads and gimbals, easy to maintain and repair, and with the ability to transport safety through the rigours traveling to the far corners of the earth.


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