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Working with our clients we have developed a series of bespoke drone solutions optimised for specific industry tasks and now offer some of the more popular systems as industry solutions.


Some examples of recent integrations are the Riegl range of survey grade LiDAR with initial systems built around their flagship VUX-1 scanner married to on our Gryphon Dynamics Super frame with multiple levels of redundancy and failsafes. The LiDAReye also has a bespoke rails system to allow either top or bottom sensor mounting depending upon the asset to be scanned, and integrated multi pilot camera systems to allow the pilot to have eyes all around when flying at distance, all configured to the client's preferred flight control systems.


Another industry specific solution was for a national power utilities company who use a specialist Corona cameras that uses Ultra Violet lightwaves to detect corona activity, a pre cursor to component failure. This corona activity is invisible to the human eye, and with only two companies worldwide who have the technology to detect this activity, we partnered with OFIL the world's leader, and developed a drone based solution with a dedicated remote control that allowed all the camera functionality to be controlled whilst in flight. The UVEye can be found in our specialist drone section. 


The latest addition is the integration of clean Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology which allows for extended flight endurance typically three times that of traditional LiPo batteries, and also offer a fast refuelling within a few minutes. Whilst today the hydrogen fuel cells are typically more expensive to traditional LiPo battery once purchased the running cost, endurance and most especially the fact that they are a green energy source is a key drive for corporate users to embrace this emerging technology.


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