Gryphon X8 1400VZ Bend Folding Arms with X-Motor Mounts

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New X8 1400HFX
Folding Arm Frame Kit

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Gryphon Dynamics New X8-1400HFX Kit


The latest development from Gryphon Dynamics is the HF series of drones with their new revolutionary horizontal folding arms system. The boom connector is machined from aircraft grade aluminium for enhanced strength and rigidity whilst in flight. It comes with a quick release system to allow the booms to fold inward in an instant, allowing compact stowage when not in use.


The X8 airframes have a single pivot connector that allows the entire boom to fold the boom back to the central frame, where as the Octocopter frames have a radically designed spring loaded split Y shaped latching connector to allow both the arms of the Y booms to independently fold inwards for stowage. To further aide the stage folding propellers are typically fitted the drones.


X8-1400HFX Package Includes:

  • Hub Connector
  • Boom Connector
  • M/M Connector Clamping Block
  • X-Motor Mounts
  • Boom Clamp Set
  • Battery Tray
  • GPS Plate
  • Cross Members
  • Rail Mount System
  • Velcro Straps
  • Spare Screws & Nuts


  • 8 * Motors
  • 8 * Propellers
  • 8 * ESC's
  • 1 * Gryphon Power Distribution
  • 2-4 Batteries
  • Radio Control Equipment
  • Flight Controller


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