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Specialist Drone Training for Industry

This is a day course designed for businesses that want to bring their pilots up to speed on specialist payload operations. These can be from professional camera rigs for feature film and television with large format movie cameras (with or without follow focus) to thermal or corona camera using narrow band ultra violet to detect component failure, capture and post production.

Project Planning

  • Site/Project surveys and preparation
  • Understanding the clients exact data requirements

Payload Training

  • Review and explanation of specialist payloads
  • Remote control and payload settings pre / in / post flight)
  • Data review during and post flight
  • Senior instructors with extensive real world experience
  • Overriding “No Fly Zones”

Data and Software Processing

  • Training appointments available from 10am to 6pm every day, weather permitting
  • Experienced and friendly staff to assist in your training efforts
  • Training either at your facility or ours

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