Drone Training for the Beginners

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Drone Training for the Beginners

A full days introduction to Drones, Flight Training and Current Regulations from the experts who build cutting edge commercial solutions

Setup, Programming and Safety

  • Assembly, setup and programming
  • Battery charging and safe handling
  • Learn the current CAA regulations
  • Registering with the CAA
  • Simulator and basic flight skills
  • First flights and safety net
  • Learn basic controls, inputs and flight techniques to build your skills on and practice with

Flight Training

  • Take to the air for some real flight time
  • Practice all the techniques learned in the the sim with the guidance of your instructor
  • Senior instructors with extensive real world experience

Drone Equipment

  • For the training we encourage you to bring your own system for make/model specific training

Accessibility / Environment

  • Training appointments available from 10am to 6pm every day, weather permitting
  • Experienced and friendly staff to assist in your training efforts
  • Water, coffee, beverages and snacks on site

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