Gryphon Dynamics Updated Folding Arm Agriculture Crop Spraying Drone

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Product Code: OT1450AG

Landing Gear
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Gryphon V2 Folding Arm Agridrone 

Product Description

The Gryphon OT-1450AG Agriculture Sprayer drone is a specially developed Gryphon Dynamics Octocopter 1450mm frame mated to the dedicated 10 litre crop spraying system. This updated version incorporates a revolutionary swinging arm system to allow for easy compact stowage when not in use, as well as very rapid setup up time when on site.


The systems not only has a large 10 litres spray tank but a specialist crop spraying flight controller to allow both highly accurate fully autonomous flight as well as user flown crop spraying missions. The autopilot systems uses multiple GNSS systems to give positional accuracy as well as radar to maintain the exact height required whee operating in areas where the terrain in sloped.


Gryphon Dynamic Agricultural Drone
Gryphon Dynamic Agricultural Drone
Gryphon Dynamic Agricultural Drone
Gryphon Dynamic Agricultural Drone


Agricultural Drone Ready To Fly Package Includes:

  • Octo 1450mm Frame
  • Carbon Fibre Weatherproof Canopy
  • Specialist Flight Controller
  • Specialist Altitude Radar
  • Flight and Spraying Planning Software
  • 10 Lt Spraying systems with adjustable spraying nozzles
  • Spray width 5m
  • 3.5 L/min pump flow
  • Maximum Flight time 25 mins


  • Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Transmitter 


Aircraft Weight: 8.7kg / 17.2 lbs
Aircraft Size (Motor to Motor): 1450mm
Propeller Size : 20 inch Carbon Fibre
Max takeoff weight : 25 kg / 55 lbs
Maximum Flight Time : 25 minutes
  *Maximum Flight Time based on 15 kgs
Units in box: 1

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