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Gryphon GD-8X

At 800mm from motor to motor GD-8X is the smallest in the Ready-to-Fly line of drones, but don’t let the size fool you, this drone out lifts all the competition in it's class, and is great for videography. This compact frame is best matched with DSLRs size cameras. The GD X8 pair ideally with Freefly, Zenmuse or Gremsy gimbals. The GD-8X maintains a great size to power ratio to by utilising state of the art brushless motors with 15” carbon fibre propellers. The X8 coaxial motor configuration places two motors per arm, which reduces the overall size of the UAS as well as increasing its performance in adverse weather conditions.


In the world of aerial inspection, this platform is a popular match for flying cameras in the 2-4.5kg range. The GD-8X has an adaptable payload interface, which allows for this system to be used for a variety of different mission types including Security, Agriculture, Industrial Inspection and more. The removable arms allow the GD-8X to pack down into one case or transport, maintenance or upgrade, yet remain rock solid while in flight mode. All aircraft are tested for best performance before shipping.


GD-8X Package Includes:

  • 1 x X8 800mm V Frame (XQ-800V)
  • 8 x Motors
  • 8 x Propellers
  • 8 x ESCs
  • 1 x Power Distro Board with Dual Bec
  • 4 * Core PCB
  • T-Type Heavy Duty Landing Gear
  • Autopilot
  • 4 x High Flux 3W LEDs
  • All Built, Configured, and Tested by a professional team of experts


  • Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Transmitter
  • Gimbal (optional)
  • Video Transmission System (optional)



Aircraft Weight: 1150g / 2.54lbs
Aircraft Size (Motor to Motor): 800mm
Propeller Size : 15 inch Carbon Fibre
Max takeoff weight : 8kg / 17.6lbs
Maximum Flight Time : 18 min*
  *Maximum Flight Time based on 6.7Kg (14.77lbs)
Units in box: 1

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