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Gryphon GD-70X Ultra Heavy Lift 

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For the ultimate power, super heavy lift, and performance, GD-70X is the platform for you. With a maximum takeoff weight of 70kg (154.3lb) this airframe has no equal. When you need to fly the biggest cinema cameras or other high value payloads you can turn to the GD-70X because of its proven record on the biggest Hollywood blockbuster and is trusted by some of the best cinema UAS teams in the world.


Measuring 1700mm from motor to motor, the aircraft has an impressive size while in the air but thanks to its modular arms can be packed down for travel. Being fast, maneouverable and powerful makes the GD-70X an extremely valuable platform. All aircraft are tested for best performance before shipping.


 Industrial Grade Construction

A state of the art unmanned aerial system starts with the building materials. If you are interested in the best unmanned aerial systems you can start by looking at what we are made of.


Gryphon Dynamics utilises state of the art carbon fibre weave and fabrication techniques to make the industrial grade carbon fibre parts. Many of these techniques were developed and perfected in-house by our engineers. Where many other UAV companies will outsource every aspect of either the design and manufacturing Gryphon Dynamics takes a vertically integrated approach to design, fabrication, and construction to allow for a seamless airframe with a solid construction and clean design. Gryphon Dynamic frames are built to industrial grade standards to ensure that our hardware will out compete the elements our clients operate in every day.


When operating any unmanned aerial system safety should be the foremost concern. Operators must take into account how their equipment can reduce risk to personnel and payloads. The design of the airframe can play a big role in reducing risk to mechanical and electrical failures. Gryphon Frames are well built with a sturdy construction and will be subject to less vibration and thus less wear and tear on the aircraft during flight.


Our redundant power systems ensure your payloads stay safe and in control in the event of a motor or battery loss. Aircraft grade aluminium joints and reinforced motor mounts stand up to the test of repeated use and outperform lighter plastic joints and locking mechanisms.


 Integrated Electonics

Gryphon Dynamics frames are designed with the electronics and wiring needs in mind. The frames will accept a variety of different types of flight controllers, ESCs and motors depending on your payload requirements however still allow for these components to seamless integrate into the frame components.


Our power distribution and dual BEC boards keep wiring organised and professional. Having a clean setup makes maintaining your aircraft through visual inspections more effective and therefore helps increase your performance and safety. The dual BEC is adjustable for supplying power to accessories such as LEDs, retractable landing legs, sensor packages, video transmitters and is adaptable for any number of mission requirements. It's position in the frame makes adjusting voltage settings quick and easy. The PDB which works with the BEC or on its own will handle upt 

o 1000 amps, and if more power is needed can be used with a multiple PDB to spread the load. The integrated electrical design makes swapping components outs quick and does not require a full tear down of the airframe.


 Modular Design

One of the hardest parts of picking a unmanned aerial system is making sure you are getting the right platform for the mission requirements of today and of the future. Gryphon frames feature a modular based design which makes the airframe adaptable, portable, as well as future proof.


Adaptable: different environments call for different UAS configuration. With the modular based arm design the Gryphon Dynamics User can swap from a coaxial arm, to a flat arm configuration in minutes, or change motor specs from power house to endurance runner.


Portable: Arms can be removed from center hub for easy transport. The arms use high grade aluminum joints to lock together with incredible rigidness and strength so the frame does not need to make any compromises in strength for portability. When lifting heavy high value payloads, this is an absolute must.


Future Proof: Everyone who uses electronics knows that the rate of advancement is happening faster every day. With gryphon dynamics modular design in both the arms and center frame there is a clear and easy way to upgrade your hardware with the next advancement in motor, ESC, or other yet to be dreamed of electronics. You can rest easy knowing your frame will live up to today's mission requirement, and still be relevant for future mission requirements as the UAS community continues to push the limits of what's possible.



GD-70X Package Includes:

  • 1 x X8 1700mm Super Frame (XQ-1700SP)
  • 1 x 4 Bay Battery Tray
  • 8 x Motors
  • 8 x Propellers
  • 8 x ESCs
  • 4 x Core PCB for Super Frame
  • 1 x Quasar BEC
  • 1 x Power Distro Board
  • 1 x Extension Connection Tray
  • 1 x External ESC Tray for Super Frame
  • T-Type Heavy Duty Landing Gear
  • Autopilot
  • 4 x High Flux 1.2W LEDs
  • All Built, Configured, and Tested by a professional team of experts


  • Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Transmitter
  • Gimbal (optional)
  • Video Transmission System (optional)



Aircraft Weight:  
Aircraft Size (Motor to Motor): 1700mm
Propeller Size : 32 inch Carbon Fibre
Max takeoff weight : 70kg / 154.3.2 lbs
Maximum Flight Time : 24 minutes
  *Maximum Flight Time based on 56 kgs
Units in box: 1

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