New Gryphon Dynamics Folding Arms Airframes

Gryphon Dynamics Folding Frames



The Gryphon Dynamics HF range with their new revolutionary horizontal folding arms are an alternative to their standard removable arm system.


The boom pivot assembly is a cleverly engineered mount that allows the arms to swing inboard making for very compact storage and transportation of the Gryphon Dynamics airframe.





In addition to the folding booms, the airframes utilise the new Gryphon Dynamics V3 airframes which had the new central power distribution module, split centre plates and updated boom mounting to allow easy access and power distribution. 


This module not only allows the power distribution but also incorporates the ESC' signal and BEC power management thereby reducing cabling and possible electrical failure but utilising the new plug in Motor / ESC  /LED looms.




The Gryphon Dynamics HF range is a very powerful compact drone that when fitted with the new removable octagonal landing gear can be transformed from storage to flight ready in les than a minute.


Used by clients for a wide range of activities from asset inspection to video production filming. Its become our most popular model in 2021.





As with the other v2 systems the HF range also comes with the Z-Bend swan neck arm option which is defined by the HFZ product code. These swan neckarm versions are very popular with video adn film companies as they raise the propulsion and thereby mean thah the propellers are higehr and "out of shot". Other systems typiclalay have to mount the camera package lower meaning that there is a higher likelihood of ground strike when landing.


These Z-Bend arms are made from the same carbon fibre boom profile, with heavy duty aircraft garde aluminium connectors to allow rapid removal if combined with the PCB looms.




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