X8 1400 Super Frame Kit

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New X8 1400
Super Frame Kit

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PCB Looms
Landing Gear
Power Distribution
Ground Control Station
TX Version
Battery Connection Tray


X8 1400 Super Frame

The Gryphon Dynamics X8 Super 1400 is the big brother of the very popular V2 frames. The 1400 X8 is a mix of heavy duty powerhouse, yet still remains somewhat compact and can be quickly and easily converted from case to flight mode. The long arms will accommodate up to 29" props with room to spare. All Gryphon Dynamics frames are built tough, but the Super line offers larger center plates, thicker carbon fiber, and 50mm hexagonal booms. This allows for more batteries, more space for electronics, and higher payload capacity. Super size frames are great for 12s 48v high voltage setup because of their ability to easily fit 4 or more high capacity LiPo batteries.


The X8 1400 frame is great for major motion picture cinematography because of its ability to safely and effectively lift popular cameras packages such as the RED Epic, Alexa XT-M, Sony F55 as well as carrying dual REDs or Alexa Minis for Stereo 3D filming. Because of its size and power, the 1400 Super can be flown fast and hard with the right UAV operator.


Maximum speed can depend on conditions and pilot ability. The 1400 Super pairs great with the full line of either Freefly or Gremsey gimbals. With this much power you don't have to worry about short flight times or unstable flight due to underpowered power plant. The coaxial motor design make this platform superb at handling windage to keep your camera in position for the shot.


This aircraft works best in 12s configuration due to its large size and high weight capacity. Two common motor configurations for the 1400 Super are the T-Motor U11 for power, or U10's for efficiency, however with the X motor mounts this frame will accommodate a great number of different UAV motors types. As with all Gryphon Dynamics aircraft, arms are removable for transportation, yet they remain rock solid when attached for flight modes. The 1400 Super is most often used for cinema production and industrial applications where lifting large high value payloads in tough conditions is required.



  • 8 x Motors
  • 8 x Propellers
  • 8 X ESC's
  • 1 x Landing Gear
  • 2-8 Batteries
  • 1 x Autopilot
  • 1 x Radio transmitter


  • PCB Looms
  • Battery Connection Tray
  • Power Distribution Board


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