Hexadeca 2400 Super Frame

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Hexadeca 2400
Super Frame

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PCB Looms
Landing Gear
Power Distribution
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Gryphon HD-2000 Super Frame

The Gryphon Dynamics Hexadeca Superframe is a powerhouse unmanned aerial vehicle and one of the largest camera drones on the market. This UAV utilizes 16 high-powered motors to deliver a massive thrust to weight ratio and added motor redundancy.


The Super frames are Gryphon Dynamics heavy duty UAV line. All Gryphon Dynamics frames are built tough, but the Super line offers larger center plates, thicker carbon fiber, and 50mm hexagonal booms. This allows for more batteries, more space for electronics, and higher payload capacity. Super frames are optimised for 12S 48v high voltage setup because of their ability to easily fit 4 or more high capacity LiPo batteries.



  • 16 x Motors
  • 16 x Propellers
  • 16 X ESC's
  • 1 x Landing Gear
  • 4-8 Batteries
  • 1 x Autopilot
  • 1 x Radio transmitter 


  • PCB Looms
  • Battery Connection Tray
  • Power Distribution Board


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