Inspire 2 / Matrice 200 PRCS Elite

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Inspire 2 / Matrice 200 Elite

Product Code: TBE-I2/M200-CHARGER

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Inspire 2 / Matrice 200 PRCS Elite Charger 


Charges up to 4 batteries and 1 flight controller simultaneously in record time! Fly all day with our Portable Rapid Charging System (PRCS). Designed to work with generators, inverters and other “alternate” sources. Features intelligent charging with current, voltage and temperature management.


Battery compatibility and charge times:

Battery Type

90% Charge Time

98%+ Charge Time

4 x DJI Inspire 2 TB50 All 4 batteries charge in 30 minutes All 4 batteries charge in 40-45 minutes
4 x DJI Matrice 200/210 TB55 All 4 batteries charge in 65 minutes All 4 batteries charge in 75-80 minutes


Both battery types can be charged at the same time


Under the hood

• Proprietary charging algorithms

• Built-in power supply

• 100% duty cycle

• Multi-fan cooling

• Current/voltage/temperature management


IP65 Rated Protective Hard Case

• Watertight • Dust proof

• Impact resistant

• Adjustable pressure release valve for easy opening



All chargers come with an industry-leading 2 year warranty.



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